Lullo Wedding

This beautiful day was filled with more joy than I have ever experienced. Zack and Rexella could not wipe their giant smiles off of their faces the entire day. They giggled through the entire ceremony and our portrait session. You could tell that these two were so filled with peace on their decision to be married that when the wedding day came they had nothing to stress about. I have the honor to call these two my friends and I LOVED being a part of their happy happy day.

Bodie was jealous of Rexella that day, and needed to get in on the action! haha

right before Zack stood at the alter, he made a last minute decision to place a rubber lizard in the front pocket of his jacket so that if him or Rexella ever started to cry during the ceremony, they could just look at the lizard. She thought it was a great idea!

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